Mandalas - Personal Journey and Unity of Self

Mandalas - Personal Journey and Unity of Self

In the context of Scalar Heart Connection, the image of the mandala represents our personal journey to the center or to the unity of the self, as all our experiences are steps leading back to a single point of inner harmony. The Harmony mandala painted by Jo Thomas Blaine caught my eye as a beautiful expression of this ideal. Jo has graciously allowed us to share her collection. Her heartfelt artwork adds a perfect expression to the many positive qualities of the open heart.

Pendants by Scalar Heart Collection

We absolutely love these 1½" pendants made of precious healing stones and crystals on a beautiful strand of gem beads. Each piece is an original part of the Sacred Geometry collection.

mPowered Necklace by Jo Thomas Blaine

Your choice of mandala under a tough and shining 30mm acrylic dome. Includes braided leather cord and silver plated brass findings.

Mandala Platters & Plates by Jo Thomas Blaine

Made with a clear glass plate and a nontoxic and water resistant sealant, the platters are fully usable. Simply hand wash, towel dry, and avoiding soaking or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Limited editions! (only 100 per design)

Mandala Prints by Jo Thomas Blaine

Mandala 10" Prints are signed and numbered in a 14" matt and shrinkwrapped for protection. Matt colors will vary. Limited editions! (only 250 per design)