Scalar Heart Connection - Scalar Heart Connection Workshop

Scalar Heart Connection Basic Workshop

Your heart will always tell you what you need to know. You only need to know how to ask and how to listen.

Join us for a day of fun experiencing conversations with your own heart. Hear what your heart has to say about what prevents you from experiencing joy and inner connection and harmony.

Scalar Heart Connection® is a simple and easy technique designed to quickly bring unconscious negative beliefs to conscious awareness so we can release them and remove them one by one from the translucent walls of the royal chamber of our heart.

This workshop will teach you how to identify what is preventing you from experiencing what you want and deserve. Most importantly, it will teach you how to entrain the resonance of your desires into patterns that attract what is life enhancing. You will learn how to use this process on yourself and how you can apply it with your loved ones.

Learn and experience Scalar Heart Connection®, a tool to help bring human beings into greater harmony within themselves and with the planet as a whole. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of what it means to be human in your life and in the life of others.

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  • When: Saturday, September 27, 2014
         10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Where: Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines
         22014 7th Avenue S., Suite 102
         Des Moines, WA 98198 (Map)

    Cost: $150


    Save and take both the Hero Workshop on Sept 28th right after the Basic Workshop for only $275.
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    Retakers (if you have taken the Basic Workshop and want a refresher)   Cost: $72


    When: Saturday, November 8th, 2014
         10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Where: Natural Healing House
         78045 Calle Cadiz, Suite 7
         La Quinta, CA 92253 (Map)

    Cost: $150


    Save and take both the Hero Workshop on Nov 9th right after the Basic Workshop for only $275.
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    Retakers (if you have taken the Basic Workshop and want a refresher)   Cost: $72


    What others are saying about the workshop:

    "This was a fascinating study of how universal archetypes and numbers can combine with intuition and sound vibration. I've always wondered how all of these elements come together. I loved the workshop. It was food for mind and soul and was emotionally satisfying. It gave me major insight into an emotional block."
    ~ Amber D. Auburn, CA

    "This is an amazing way of getting to the true me. It was hard for me to share in front of the group, but I am glad I did. This workshop helped me a lot."
    ~ Laura W. Auburn, CA

    "Wow, I had a real revelation connecting my birth to my issue."
    ~ Janice S. Auburn, CA

    "I do similar work to help folks identify negative core beliefs and then re-decide. It appears that this work can accomplish the same thing in a much simpler and faster way. I am truly optimistic!"
    ~ Tracy S. Auburn, CA

    "Stephen's presentation takes deeply profound material and presents it in a clean, calm, and simple way. This is the mark of mastery. His calm, peaceful presence and the presence of his beautiful family was deeply nourishing."
    ~ Debra B. Auburn, CA

    "This workshop teaches a great tool to deepen trust and faith in divinity and myself and to align with my intuition. The process is easy and can be easily incorporated with other spiritual practices."
    ~ Soojin L. Palm Desert, CA

    "I enjoyed seeing the connection between us and the universe. Also our hearts truly know the truth."
    ~ Joylnn K.

    "The practice with my partner gave me insight on myself and a situation that I have overlooked and I feel better now that I faced it."
    ~ Patrice R. Los Angeles, CA

    "Amazing, interesting, NEW way of looking at things. I learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely."
    ~ Susan L.

    "Wonderful perspective and a must useful modality in the journey of self-realization. Thank you!"
    ~ Leslie F. Palm Desert, CA

    "I was particularly impressed by the explanation of the Scalar Heart Connection® and the invitation to move the energy potential into action through our intention. I found this workshop to be informative and inspirational and I experienced it as supportive of life on all levels."
    ~ Jennifer Johnson, ARNP

    "I would like to place on record that I truly enjoyed this workshop. The many various subjects that they covered truly made it a day worth attending. The knowledge that we gained from Stephen regarding scalar waves and their purpose of protecting us from the negative effects of Solar radiation and other harmful electromagnetic stresses as well as the waves being able to provide an energetic communication system with all the cells, tied in very nicely with Bruce Lipton's earlier presentation. The greatest gem from this amazing day was the processes that Stephen developed on the Scalar Heart Connection®. I truly believe that implementing this and the modality of scalar waves is an opportunity for huge growth potential."
    ~ Michael Gunko